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The 10 Best Things to do in Lima

best things to do in Lima
Cathedral of Lima

Lima is one of the most underrated cities in South America, and it’s a shame many travelers only spend a couple of days here. It’s the continent’s most chaotic city and its only capital with ocean coastline. Plus, it has some of the world’s best food. Here are the 10 best things to do in Lima!

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1. Huaca Pucllana – These adobe ruins that date back to 200 A.D. are phenomenal! They are in Miraflores, and the excavation took place within the last 50 years. The cost is 15 soles (S/) which includes a 90-minute tour about the fascinating history of the Lima people.  

2. Visit Barrio Chino – Lima’s Chinatown dates back to the 19th-century when Chinese workers arrived as cheap labor to build the railroads. Nowadays, this small neighborhood is pure chaos. Mornings are calm, but when the afternoon rolls around Barrio Chino comes alive. Shouting vendors line the sidewalks, and the overflowing pedestrian-only streets allow you to take in the surroundings as you’re forced to walk at a snail’s pace. 

Barrio Chino
Barrio Chino

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3. Place of Memory, Tolerance, and Social Inclusion – An impactful museum covering the conflict between the Shining Path and the government. The free museum is a must-visit to learn about Peru’s history. It’s all in Spanish, but you can email the museum to arrange a guide. 

4. Pisco Tour – On this Airbnb Experience, you’ll drink in a few pisco sours, the delicious national cocktail, and visit historic bars. The guide is awesome and I highly recommend this fantastic experience.

5. Catacumbas del Convento de San Francisco – A beautiful 16th-century baroque church with famous catacombs that store the remains of 25,000 people. Peruvians paid top dollar to be laid to rest here because they believed it would increase their chances of reaching heaven. The entrance is S/15 which includes a 45-minute tour.  

6. Walk the streets of Barranco – Lima’s most beautiful neighborhood is full of colorful buildings, street art, and cafes. Listening to the birds chirping is a great escape from the constant honking of the city center. A couple of points of interest are the Bridge of Sighs and Municipal de Barranco Park.

best things to do in Lima

7. Eat all the ceviche you can! – Lima is a foodie paradise and ceviche is the cream of the crop. A couple of fantastic ceviche spots are Al Toke Pez and Punto Azul.

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8. Visit the Cathedral of Lima – Elaborate chapels line the interior of this 18th-century cathedral and there is a small art collection as well. The entrance is S/10. 

9. Museo de Arte de Lima – This art museum has a collection that spans from pre-Columbian to contemporary. The entrance is S/30 and it’s free on Tuesdays.

10. Take in the views from Larcomar – You will rarely find me talking about shopping malls, but the views from here are fantastic.

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That wraps up the 10 best things to do in Lima!

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